Account Deletion

Your right to remove your Brewfather account

If you wish to delete your Brewfather account you can do so yourself in the app or by contacting us.

To delete your account yourself in the Brewfather app

  1. Cancel any Brewfather Premium subscriptions if you have an active paid subscription.

  2. Log out of the Brewfather app (if logged in).

  3. Log into the Brewfather app.

  4. Open the menu.

  5. Go to the Settings page.

  6. At the bottom of the Settings page in the "Danger Zone" you can click the "Delete" button next to the delete account label.

  7. In the confirmation dialogue enter the text "DELETEACCOUNT" and click "Confirm".

  8. Your account login and all related account data will now be permanently deleted. This is not reversible.

Should you encounter difficulties removing your account or require our assistance, please reach out to us at our support email, We will aid in the deletion of your account and all associated data upon your request. To facilitate this process, ensure that your email is sent from the address linked to your account and clearly state your desire to have your account deleted.

Data retention and backup

Our data-retention policy will keep a backup of data stored for a period of up to 5 weeks after deletion until they are completely removed.

Read more about your data in our Privacy Policy.

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