In the public recipe you can search for recipes shared by other Brewfather users. Located as a new page called "Library" in the menu.

To share your recipes in the library there is now a new "padlock" icon in the recipe designer. Clicking this you can toggle the recipe to be publicly available.

All users can view and download recipes. Upload (and voting) of recipes are for Premium users only.

Text search can be used to search for all the visible text fields, inlcuding recipe name, style, tags, profile name. More filtering options will come later as the library grows.

New public profile creation

Be quick and reserve your brewery profile name today, this is unique and will be used to identify you in future Brewfather community features.

The first time you try to share a recipe, you will be asked to create a public profile where you upload a brewery avatar, and choose your brewey profile name and so on. You can also initialize the public profile creator from the account page. Only premium users can create a public profile.