Brewtools integration is made available from Brewtools firmware version 1.8.2 and newer. The integration make it possible to download a recipe from Brewfather to the Brewtools control system using a 5 character code. The recipe can then be stored and edited on the Brewtools control system. You can also find more information about the integration in the Brewtools documentation:

How to use the integration

Enable the Brewtools integrations in the settings page.

After this is done you can in your batch: "Brewing tab" click -> "Send" to generate a code you can use to load the recipe into your Brewtools controller.

On the Brewtools controller select Recipe -> Brewfather Icon. Type in the 5 digit code to load the recipe.

Getting started, detailed

This section explain how to use the Brewfathe integration.

To use this feature you will need to have a Premium subscription for Brewfather.

The Brewtools controller will also need to be connected to Wi-Fi and have internet access.

Step 1

Log in to Brewfather from your smartphone or computer. Open Settings.

Step 2

Enable "Brewtools" as Power-up in Brewfather under settings.

Step 3

Open the recipe you want to send to the Brewtools control system and click the green "brew" symbol.

Step 4

Change status to brewing.

Step 5

Click "Send".

Step 6

A 5 character code will show. The code will be valid for minimum 10 hours but will occasionally be deleted.

Note that Brewfather perform a recipe validation prior to generating the code. Validation errors will be displayed below the 5 character code for information.

Step 7

On your Brewtools controller, open recipes and click the Brewfather logo.

A popup will instruct the user what to do.

Enter the 5-character code and click OK.

The controller will then download the recipe and display it. It is always recommended to verify the content before running the recipe. If mandatory field are missing, they will be indicated with red background and you will need to fill it in before you can save it on the controller.

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