My app is stuck at the loading screen. How can I fix this?

Please uninstall and reinstall the app, if you are using the iOS version. Or update to the latest iOS 17. There is currently a bug in iOS 16 causing this.

Solution: Reinstall the app and log in again, or upgrade to iOS 17

If not related to the above: If you are on Android you can try to go into the Android settings and delete the app data. If you are in a browser, try clearing the cache/browser data.

How can I add the Brewfather app to my desktop?

Adding the Brewfather app to your desktop is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

For Windows:

  1. Open Your Browser: Open your web browser (like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox).

  2. Go to Brewfather Website: https://web.brewfather.app/

  3. Access Browser Menu: Look for the browser menu (usually represented by three dots or a line in the upper right corner).

  4. Install Brewfather as an App:

    • In Chrome or Edge: Find and click on “Install Brewfather” or “Add to Desktop.”

    • In Firefox: Select “Install” from the page actions menu in the address bar.

  5. Confirm Installation: A prompt will appear asking if you want to add Brewfather to your desktop. Confirm the action.

For macOS:

  1. Open Safari Browser: Ensure you're using Safari, as it supports the PWA feature on macOS.

  2. Navigate to Brewfather Website: https://web.brewfather.app/

  3. Use the Share Icon: Click on the share icon in Safari's toolbar.

  4. Add to Home Screen: Choose “Add to Home Screen” from the share options.

  5. Name and Add: Name the shortcut and add it to your desktop.

You can also add it similarly to other operating systems that also support progressive web apps.

Once installed, Brewfather will appear as an icon on your desktop, and you can click on it to use it just like a regular app.

Where do I report bugs or feature requests?

Bugs or feature requests can be reported in the issue tracker. Here you can also watch and vote for request made by others users.

How can I contact Brewfather?

You can click the Contact button in the menu of the Brewfather APP to email us.

Can I convert my Facebook / Google / Apple login to username and password?

Yes, log out of Brewfather and go to the login screen, write in your email in the email field, and click the "forgot your password?" link. You will then get an email to set your password. After you have set your password you can log in with that email and password combination. If you want to change the email-address tied to you account you can do so in the manage account page found by clicking your portrait/email/name in the menu.

How do I scale a recipe?

Easy! Click the scale icon in the equipment section of the recipe designer.

You can also just change batch size or efficiency in your equipment profile within a recipe, click save and it will ask you if you want to scale the recipe to match the new numbers. Also - if you change to another equipment profile it will scale to match it also!

How do I send my recipe to Grainfather Connect?

Check out this video (turn on subtitles).

Basically you export a BeerXML on your phone and open it directly in the GF Connect app. On your batch click the menu button in the lower right, click export, select BeerXML, the file will show and you should get an option to open the file in your GF Connect app.

Then you just start brewing!

How do I set up my Tilt Hydrometer to work with Brewfather?

See the Tilt Hydrometer page for setup instructions.

pageTilt Hydrometer

How do I set up my iSpindel to work with Brewfather?

See the iSpindel page for setup instructions.


How do I set up my Brewpiless to work with Brewfather?

See the Brewpiless page for setup instructions


Android or iOS app?

Brewfather is available as a progressive web application, and also on App Store and Google Play.

Brewfather is available as an iOS app here. This is the recommended way to use the app on an iPhone or iPad.

What is Brewfather?

Brewfather is a powerful and intuitive brewing app that helps you create and manage your recipes, track your brewing sessions, and analyze your brewing data. It's available on web, iOS and Android platforms. The web version can be used on all devices with a browser.

How can I download Brewfather?

You can download Brewfather from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). You can also access the web version of Brewfather by visiting https://web.brewfather.app

How do I create a recipe on Brewfather?

To create a recipe on Brewfather, simply click on the menu button on the lower right on the recipes page, then choose the "New Recipe" button, and start adding your ingredients and details.

Can I import/export recipes to/from Brewfather?

Yes, you can import/export recipes to/from Brewfather as BeerXML and Brewfather JSON. To import a recipe or batch, simply click on the "Import Recipe" button found in the lower right menu on the recipes page and choose the file you want. To export a recipe, click on the "Export" button in a recipe or batch found in the menu button lower right.

How do I start a brewing session/batch on Brewfather?

To start a brewing session/batch on Brewfather, click on the "Brew" button found in the recipe designer on the recipe you want to brew. You can then add your brew details, track your progress, and record your measurements such as temperature, gravity, and volume.

How can I share my brewing data with others?

You can share your brewing data with others by using the Share button within a recipe or batch. This will generate a shareable URL that you can send to others, allowing them to view your recipe or batch details without needing a Brewfather account. The user can copy the recipe into their own account if they are logged in.

Can I track my inventory on Brewfather?

Yes, you can track your inventory on Brewfather by adding your ingredients and specifying their quantities. First, make sure "inventory Stock" is enabled on the Settings page. Afterward, you can go to the Inventory page and add stock level and price to your ingredients.

Can I add custom ingredients to Brewfather?

Yes, you can add custom ingredients to Brewfather by going to the Inventory page and clicking the "Add" button after opening the ingredient type you want to add. You can add custom fermentables, hops, yeasts, and other misc ingredients with their specific properties.

How can I contact Brewfather support?

You can contact Brewfather support by clicking on the "Help" button in the app and sending an e-mail. Or use the chat service on the website.

Is Brewfather free to use?

Brewfather offers both a free and a paid version. The free version has access to most of the features. The paid version includes advanced features such as device integrations, inventory tracking, and export/import. You can upgrade to the paid version by subscribing to Brewfather Premium.

How much does Brewfather Premium cost?

Brewfather offers a free version with most of the functionality, the free version can be used as long as you want. An optional Premium subscription for more advanced features and an unlimited number of recipes and batches can be purchased.

New accounts come with a 30-day free Premium trial.

Pricing details can be found on the Brewfather app during checkout. The price might vary based on your location and local taxes.

What payment methods does Brewfather accept?

Brewfather accepts various payment methods such as credit/debit card and SEPA, when purchasing on the web-version. If you purchase using the Google Play app you can pay using your Google Account or Paypal. For the version found on the App Store, you pay using your App Store account. You can manage your subscription and payment information by visiting the "Account" section of the app. You must manage your subscription on the same platform as you used to purchase the Subscription.

How do I cancel my Brewfather Premium subscription?

To cancel your Brewfather Premium subscription, go to the "Account" section of the app and click the "Manage" button. That will open a new page where you can manage your subscription. If you purchased the subscription through the App Store or Google Play, you must manage your subscription through those platforms. If you want to cancel your web-based subscription you need to be logged into the web version.

Can I pause my Brewfather Premium subscription?

Currently, Brewfather does not offer the option to pause your Premium subscription. You can only cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe when you are ready to use the Premium features again.

What happens to my data if I cancel my Brewfather Premium subscription?

If you cancel your Brewfather Premium subscription, your account will revert to the free version. Your data will still be available, premium features will be disabled. Your recipes and batches will be readable, but not editable, the number of new recipes and batches you can create will be limited.

Can I share my recipes with other users on Brewfather?

Yes, you can share your recipes with other Brewfather users by publishing them on the Brewfather Recipe Library or clicking the Share button within the recipe and sending them the URL. You can also browse and search for recipes created by other users in the Library.

What is the Brewfather Recipe Library?

The Brewfather Recipe Library is a collection of recipes created and shared by Brewfather users. You can browse, search, and copy recipes from the library directly into your account. The library is continuously updated with new recipes from the community.

How do I sync my data across devices on Brewfather?

To sync your data across devices on Brewfather, you need to create a Brewfather account and sign in on each device you use. Your data will be automatically synced to the cloud whenever you make changes, and you can access it from any device with internet access.

Does Brewfather support metric and US / imperial units?

Yes, Brewfather supports both metric and US / imperial units, and you can switch between them by going to the "Settings" section and selecting your preferred unit system. You will also choose your preferred units on account creation.

Can I use Brewfather for other types of brewing besides beer?

Brewfather is primarily designed for beer brewing, but you can also use it for other types of brewing such as cider, mead, and wine. You can customize your recipe/equipment parameters to fit your specific brewing needs. When doing cider/mead/whine you can set it up as an extract recipe making the total batch volume match your final volume in the fermenter, and add your sugars as fermentables by weight. You can set the grams of sugars per 100 grams to the Yield% of the fermentable.

Can I use Brewfather for commercial brewing?

Yes, Brewfather is designed for both home use and commercial brewing. Make sure you agree with the Brewfather Terms of Service before using the application commercially.

Does Brewfather integrate with other brewing equipment or software?

Brewfather integrates with various brewing equipment and software through APIs and integrations. You can connect Brewfather to your brewing devices, temperature controller, and other equipment to automate your brewing process and record your data. You can also import/export data from other brewing software using BeerXML. Please see Integrations.

Does Brewfather offer a trial period or a money-back guarantee?

Brewfather offers a 30-day free trial period for new users to try out the app and all its features. This trial starts when you create a new account and ends automatically after 30 days, returning your account to the free version.

If you decide later to upgrade to the Premium version and you're not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription and get a refund within the first 14 days of your initial subscription start. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How often does Brewfather update its app and add new features?

Brewfather updates its app regularly to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. The frequency of updates varies depending on the nature of the updates and the feedback from users. You can check the Changelog section to see the latest updates and features.

Can I use Brewfather on my desktop or laptop computer?

Yes, you can use Brewfather on your desktop or laptop computer by accessing the web version of Brewfather at https://web.brewfather.app. The web version has the same features and functions as the mobile app, and allows you to manage your brewing data from any device with a web browser.

Does Brewfather offer recipe suggestions or recommendations?

Brewfather offers a recipe suggestion based on the style you are reading about on the Styles page. You can also browse and search for recipes in the Brewfather Recipe Library, which contains thousands of user-generated recipes.

Can I use Brewfather for collaborative brewing?

We allow multiple users to share the same account for collaborative brewing. Currently, you have to do this by sharing the same login/account.

How accurate are the recipe calculations and measurements on Brewfather?

Brewfather uses advanced brewing calculations and algorithms to provide accurate recipe calculations, estimates, and calculated stats. However, the accuracy of the calculations depends on the accuracy of the data and many other factors. No warranty or guarantee of accuracy is provided on the information or numbers provided by this app and its calculations.

Does Brewfather support multiple languages?

Yes, Brewfather supports multiple languages, and you can switch between languages by going to the "Settings" section and selecting your preferred language or clicking the flag icon. Brewfather currently supports over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, and more.

Does Brewfather have a community or user group?

Yes, Brewfather has a community on Discord and Facebook.

Can I backup my Brewfather data?

Yes, you can backup your Brewfather data by exporting it as JSON. To do this, go to the "Settings" page and click the "Export" button in the Data section. This will export your data in a JSON format that can be imported into a Brewfather account (import JSON file on the Recipes page).

Optinally you can individually export your recipe and batch as JSON or BeerXML.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to track fermentation progress?

Yes, Brewfather offers a feature to track fermentation progress, which allows you to record and monitor your fermentation measurements such as temperature, gravity, and pH. The data can come from integrated devices or manual input.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to track the cost of my brews?

Yes, Brewfather offers a cost tracking feature that allows you to input the price of your ingredients (on the inventory page) and calculate the total cost of your brew. To use this feature, ensure that the cost data is added to your inventory, and Brewfather will automatically calculate the cost when you create a batch.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to calculate water chemistry and adjust water profile?

Yes, Brewfather offers a water chemistry / mash pH calculator that allows you to adjust your brewing water profile to achieve the desired mash pH and mineral content. You can input your water source data and the target water profile, and the calculator will suggest the amount needed to adjust your water.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to create a yeast starter?

Yes, Brewfather offers a yeast starter calculator that allows you to calculate and prepare a yeast starter for your recipe. You select the yeast you want to use in your recipe and click the CALC button, then you can set a desired pitch rate, and the calculator will suggest the amount of yeast or the starter size needed to reach the wanted pitch.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to create and manage a brewing schedule?

In Brewfather you can plan batches by setting a Brew-date on them and they will appear in the Planned batches list, and you will get a reminder when it's brew-day. If your batch has a yeast starter planned you will also get a reminder ahead of time to prepare your starter.

Can I use Brewfather for partial mash or all-grain brewing?

Yes, Brewfather can be used for partial mash or all-grain brewing, as well as other brewing methods such as extract brewing and BIAB (Brew In A Bag). You can customize your recipe parameters and mash steps to fit your specific brewing method.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to calculate and adjust carbonation levels?

When you set a desired carbonation level on a recipe, you will in the fermenting tab of the brew session/batch get instructions for how to carbonate based on the selected carbonation method.

Brewfather also offers a carbonation calculator that allows you to calculate the carbonation levels. You can input your desired CO2 volume and temperature, and the calculator will suggest the amount of priming sugar or pressure when using force carbonation methods needed to achieve your target carbonation.

Does Brewfather offer a feature to manage my equipment profiles?

Yes, Brewfather offers an equipment profile feature that allows you to create and manage profiles for your brewing setup.

Can I use Brewfather for recipe scaling?

Yes, Brewfather offers a recipe scaling feature that allows you to scale your recipe up or down based on your desired batch size or efficiency. You can click the scale icon in the recipe designer to adjust your recipe. Or you can click "Yes" when asked to scale the recipe after you edit the equipment profile in your recipe.

I don't want my Brewfather Premium subscription to auto-renew, how can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription and that will turn off the auto-renewal. Just go to your account page and click manage, which will open a new page to manage your subscription.

Make sure to click the manage button on the same platform as you used to subscribe. If you subscribed using the web version you need to use the web version at https://web.brewfather.app/tabs/account. If you subscribed using the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) version, you need to click the manage button while using the app on one of those devices. You can manage all your subscriptions from the App Store app or Play app.

What is the purpose/advantage of moving a batch from completed to archived?

When you archive a batch it is no longer loaded into the app unless you do not expand the archived section on the brewing page. Saving memory and bandwidth.

Is there any active discount code or any discount for Military and Veterans?

Discounts for Brewfather are rare and far between. We focus on having a fair price to keep a healthy economy and cover running costs and further development and maintenance. The best way to be informed of any discount is to sign up for the newsletter. We do not provide any specific discount to Military and Veterans.

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