Get Plaato Airlock

Get it directly from Plaato here.

Enable Plaato Airlock in Settings

Plaato App Webhook Setup

  1. Enable Plaato Airlock in the Brewfather Settings

  2. Copy the Logging URL.

  3. Open the Plaato App

  4. Go to WEBHOOK tab

  5. Paste Logging URL.

  6. Wait up to 30 minutes.

  7. Plaato should then appear in the Device page in Brewfather

  8. Attach the Plaato device to your Batch (fermenting tab)

  9. Done


Logging with multiple Plaato Airlocks

This works out of the box, just make sure the device name is unique per Plaato and they will all appear in the device list as separate entities. All will use the same webhook url.

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