Multiple style guidelines from BJCP, Brewers Association, Norbrygg, SHBF

BJCP 2015 is enabled by default. Change active style guidelines by using the book icon top right.

Supports the following style guidelines:

  • Custom Styles

  • BJCP 2015

  • BJCP 2015 Cider

  • BJCP 2015 Mead

  • Brewers Association 2021

  • Norbrygg 2017

  • SHBF 2018 (Swedish)

  • DØDL 2019 (Danish)

Adding Custom style guidelines from XML

  1. Go to the styles page

  2. Click the "Edit Custom Styles" icon top right

  3. Click import button bottom left

  4. Import a style BeerXML file - Example: BJCP 2008 file can be downloaded below

  5. Make sure custom style guidelines is activated in the styles page with the book icon top right