Tilt Hydrometer

Last updated 2 months ago

Drop your Tilt in the fermenter or a glass of water, go into the settings page in Brewfather APP, enable Tilt. You will then get a cloud URL that you need to copy into the Cloud URL in your Tilt-app or TiltPi settings. You then need to enter your batch number as the beer name in your Tilt-app or TiltPi settings. Write a comment and click enter/send to log immediately.

Never log more than once every 15 minutes, request logged more often than that will be ignored. This is the default value of the Tilt.

Tilt Phone App Setup

Set Beer Name (batch number), and Logging URL, and click Post Comment to start logging

TiltPi Setup

  1. Select TILT color

  2. Set beer name to your batch number

  3. Paste your Cloud URL

  4. Time interval 15 minutes or more

  5. Enable start logging to the cloud

Make sure "Use Default Cloud URL for All" is OFF.

Atlernative logging method

After the Tilt has done its first logging to Brewfather, it will appear in the device list located in your Batch > Fermentation > Readings > Devices. Click on the Devices button and attatch your Tilt to the batch. The next time your Tilt logs, it will show up in your batch!

Important: If using alternative logging method the beer name field needs to be empty.


Tilt integration gives you full control over your fermentation progress

Where can i get a Tilt Hydrometer?

Want your shop listed here? Get in touch.


Buy directly from Tilt: https://tilthydrometer.com/

Norwegian dealers

Buy from Brewshop.no

Buy from Petit-agentur.no

Buy from Vestbrygg.no