Brewfather maintains a large database of different fermentables and this is growing all the time as new malts etc are added to the database.

This will bring up the Fermentables selection pop-up window

If the malt you want to add comes up in the search you just click on it to be taken to the screen to add the details. This screen will already have certain details filled in by default such as Name, Category, Supplier, Origin, Potential and Yield. You can just add a quantity by clicking in the inventory amount field and typing the amount you have

It is worth then adding a cost if you want to get an idea of how much each brew costs.

You can also click the Plus button to the right, which will prompt you for the amount you want to change your inventory to and the cost paid for it.

This same box can be used to adjust your inventory if you have to dispose of some of your ingredients.

Adjusting Inventory

If you wish to adjust your inventory levels of stock you already have in your inventory you just need to find the ingredient in your inventory and click on it. You can now adjust the amount by either following the method described above or clicking in the Inventory Amount field and then just editing the value in there before clicking Save

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