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The inventory is designed to be fully customizable, which means you can add, edit, and delete everything.

Deleting inventory items

If you delete an item, you actually remove it from your personal list of ingredients. When organizing inventory stock amounts you don't want to delete items, you want to edit the inventory amount field (setting it to 0 indicates out of stock).
If you accidentally delete an item you can add it back by either: 1. Add it back from a recipe where the ingredient has been used from recipe (preferably), 2. Add it again filling in the info manually, 3. Restore default data in the settings (warning: this will reset all in the given category).

Track inventory usage

You subtract from inventory when you plan a batch, and actively check each ingredient to remove them from inventory.
Items not in stock is marked with a red exclamation mark

Multiple entries of the same item

To store multiple entries of the same inventory item you can open the existing item, then click the Copy button to make a duplicate. After that simply change the data that are different for the new entry and select it in your recipe/batch depending on which one you use.
Last modified 4mo ago