This describes the Inventory section of Brewfather

The inventory allows you to manage all of your stock of brewing ingredients. The main sections are for Fermentables, Hops, Yeast and Miscellaneous ingredients.

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  • Inventory Amount

  • Name

  • Best Before Date

  • Lot#

To reverse the sort order just click the sort button and then click your chosen sorting method again

The sorting by Best Before Date is a good way of seeing what you need to use up. Sorting by Batch number becomes particularly useful in a commercial environment where you may have on hand multiple batches of the same ingredient.

Importing ingredients

Printing your ingredient list

  • Fermentables

  • Hops

  • Misc

  • Yeast

  • Negative Only

  • Exclude Negative


The particularly useful feature here though is when you need to create a shopping list, although for this to work you will have had to enable 'Allow Negative Inventory' in settings. Plan you brew by creating your recipe, choosing brew and putting in the date in the future you want to brew.

  • Check the boxes for the inventory in the Planning section of your brew.

  • Come back to your Inventory and click print

  • Check 'Negative Only'

  • Print and you have a ready made shopping list for you next batch

This can be done for multiple batches by choosing brew on several recipes, setting the dates in the future. This is a great way of planning you ingredient orders and minimising shipping costs and chances of not having something on hand when you need it. This is especially useful in commercial breweries

Multiple entries for the same item

You can modify the details of an entry, such as quantity, batch numbers, Best before dates, etc., by clicking on it.

To remove inventory stock

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