TiltBridge Setup

TiltBridge is a standalone piece of hardware which is designed to allow your Tilt Hydrometer to connect directly to WiFi without the need for an old cell phone, tablet, or Raspberry Pi. We recommend an ESP32 OLED board with wifi and bluetooth. This means you’ll have a small screen on the board where you also can see the information from your Tilt. You will also need a Micro USB charger.

1. Download and install BrewFlasher from https://github.com/thorrak/brewflasher/releases (both Windows and MacOS X)

2. Connect the TiltBridge board to a USB port on your PC/Mac

3. Run BrewFlasher and set/select the following (see example of the window below):

  • Serial port - where your TiltBridge is located

  • Project - TiltBridge

  • Device Family - ESP32

  • Firmware - TiltBridge BETA - v0.2 - OLED

  • Erase flash - yes, wipes all data

4. Click the button Download Firmware and Flash Controller.

5. When the Console shows «Connecting…..», press the Boot button on the back side of your board. This enables the upload to continue.

6. The upload of the firmware should be done.

7. Remove the Micro USB plug from the board and re-attach it again.

8. You will see a message showing this:

Configuring TiltBridge for Brewfather

You´ll first need to attach TiltBridge to your WIFI and then configure it to use the Tilt API key.

1. Go to Brewfather and copy the API key for Tilt located under Settings. You will need this key soon.

2. Navigate to http://tiltbridge.local/ or the IP address shown on the board screen.

3. Click the Settings link at the top of the dashboard

4. In the Brewfather Settings section at the bottom of the screen, paste the API key in the field Brewfather Stream key. Make sure you only insert the key itself and not the full http-address.

5. Click the Update button.

6. You should be good to go. Make sure you place the TiltBridge board close to your Tilt Hydrometer and within the range of your Wifi.

For more details regarding TiltBridge, please see https://tiltbridge.readthedocs.io/en/master/User%20Guide/initial_setup.html

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