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Import Recipes

Import from Beersmith

  1. 1.
    Export all of your recipes in one go by selecting the folders you want to export, right click and select "Export Selected".
Export recipes from Beersmith
2. Select BeerXML as the filetype when saving the exported file
3. In the Recipes page of Brewfather, click the import icon top right
Click import on the recipes page
4. Select BeerXML as import format
Select BeerXML
5. Choose the BeerXML file you exported. It will then start importing all the recipes in the file. You will be promted to add a tag to the imported recipes if there is more than one in the file.

Organizing recipes in Brewfather

Brewfather uses tags to organize recipes, in the recipes page you can select sort by "First Tag". The first tag in the recipe will then appear as a "Folder" in the recipes page.