What is Brewfather?

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Brewfather is brewing software written from the ground up to give you the best recipe design and brewing experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The modern design makes it easy to use on all platforms. Get your recipes done in no time! With automatic synchronization between all your devices and offline support you are covered no matter if you are at the brewery or at you local homebrew store buying ingredients.

Brewfather includes

  • Powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface

  • Multi-device support - one app everywhere - always!

  • Offline support, auto-saving, and automatic synchronization

  • Fully-featured and easy-to-use recipe designer

  • Complete batch tracking - log every step of your brew

  • The ability through batch tracking and inventory to provide full traceability for commercial breweries

  • Fermentation chart

  • Recipe library with hundreds of quality recipes available for you

  • Create your public profile and optionally share your recipes with the library

  • Brew timer with alarms and notifications for your brew day!

  • Profiles for your equipment, mash schedule, fermentation steps, and water

  • Highly customizable equipment profile to suit any brewing system

  • Large customizable ingredients database

  • Inventory stock & cost tracking

  • Multiple style guidelines (BJCP, Brewers Association, Norbrygg, SHBF, DØDL)

  • Supports custom style guidelines

  • Print your recipe or batch to PDF

  • Import and export BeerXML

  • Metric and US/Imperial units

  • Scale recipes up/down

  • Easily share recipes

  • Estimate your Final Gravity based on many variables

  • Calculate every important detail of your recipes and batches

  • Easy-to-use yeast amount and yeast starter calculator

  • Integrated water adjustment calculator with mash pH

  • Strike temperature calculation

  • Proper calculation of hop-stand bitterness

  • API support for integration with your own tools or third-party solutions

  • And many more tools and features to help your brewing!


Why Brewfather?

Brewfather believes designing your recipes and tracking your batches should be easy and fun with easy access from all your devices with no hassle.

Brewfather strives to cover all your brewing needs in one place, new features are added continuously, get in touch if you miss any features or find any issues!

Free to use as long as you want!

Brewfather can be used for free as long as you want with a few limitations. New users are granted a free 30-day membership of Brewfather Premium with no limitations.

Any of the tools and calculators can be used for free with no limitations as long as you want.

As a Free user you are limited to a maximum of 10 recipes/batches, and are unable to import or export data from within Brewfather. If you exceed these limitations you are free to delete any of your recipes or batches, or sign up for Brewfather Premium.

If you exceed 10 recipes and/or batches in your free Premium trial, you will not lose any data when the trial runs out, but your recipes and/or batches will become read-only. You are allowed to delete recipes and batches to get back down to under 10 recipes and/or batches. When under the limit, Brewfather will work as normal.

Brewfather Premium

You can sign up for a Premium subscription to unlock an unlimited number of recipes/batches and premium features. The Premium subscription prices are fair and can be seen on the application checkout page. Prices vary based on region/location and your local currency and tax. In general, the price is set at $29.99/€29.99/£24.99 plus tax for an annual Brewfather Premium subscription. The price will cover Brewfather's running costs and the development of new features.

Exclusive Premium Features Include:

To sign up for Brewfather Premium - go to your account page in Brewfather APP and click Upgrade to Premium!

All payments and credit card details are handled securely by Stripe or Paddle. Brewfather never receives any sensitive payment details. Full PCI compliance.

For In-App subscription purchases the payments are handled by Apple (App Store) or Google (Google Play Store) depending on your device.


Connect with other Brewfather users and share your experiences and get in touch with the Brewfather Team directly.

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About Brewfather

Brewfather (owned by Warpkode AS)

Lead developer and architect: Thomas Gangsøy. Professional developer, and brewer at heart!

Brewfather® is a registered trademark.

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