Moving from Brewing to Fermenting

When you have finished your brew and transferred your wort to the fermenter, you can move on to the fermentation stage. To do this click the Fermenting Tab at the top of the page and then click the Change Status to Fermenting button at the top

Under the fermenting tab, you can attach devices such as iSpindels, Tilts, Rapt pills, and other electronic hydrometers to measure and update your brew if you have them. Doing so will produce a graph for you that looks like the below example

After the reading/progress graph is the fermentation profile section

Here you can see your fermentation profile set for your batch, including the relevant dates of any changes that need to take place. It also allows you to modify the profile here, should your fermentation have proceeded faster than expected or the cold crash need longer as the beer hasn't clarified as much as expected for example.

There is a section to record important measured values, the Original Gravity, Fermenter Top-Up and Fermenter Vol values will carry across from the Brewing Tab. Recording Peak Ferm. Temp

The carbonation section gives you a chance to work out how much priming sugar you need or the pressure you need to set your co2 to carbonate your beer to your desired level. This automatically the highest temperature you beer reached during fermentation when using bottle or keg conditioning using sugar, and defaults to the carbonation level recommended for the style of your beer that you chose when designing your recipe.

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