Enter your water report values as ppm (mg/l)

Water Report Conversion

Spreadsheet that can be used to convert to water values for profile can be found here.
Brewfather uses ppm values for the water profile, so your water report have to be converted to this. Below you will find help converting your values to ppm.
1 mg/L = 1 ppm
From Alkalinity mmol/l to ppm Bicarbonate HCO3: multiply by 61 From Alkalinity mg/l CaCO3 to ppm Bicarbonate HCO3: multiply by 1.22 From Alkalinity mmol/l to mg/l CaCO3: multiply by 50 1000 ug/L = 1 ppm ug/L / 1000 = ppm

Ion Conversion

Calcium as CaCO3 ppm * 0.401 = Calcium (Ca) ppm Magnesium as CaCO3 ppm * 0.243 = Magnesium (Mg) ppm Sulfate as Sulfur ppm as SO4-S * 3 = Sulfate (SO4) ppm Bicarbonate as CaCO3 ppm * 1.22 = Bicarbonate (HCO3) ppm US Hardness grains/gallon * 6.86 = Calcium (Ca) ppm °Clark / °e (English) Hardness grain/imp gallon * 5.71 = Calcium (Ca) ppm German Hardness (°dH, deutsche Härte) * 7.14 = Calcium (Ca) ppm Calcium Hardness mEq/L or mval * 20 = Calcium (Ca) ppm Karbonate Hardness dKH * 21.8 = Bicarbonate (HCO3) ppm Alkalinity mEq/L or mval * 61 = Bicarbonate (HCO3) ppm Minor Ions (Currently not in use) Carbonate as CaCO3 ppm * 0.6 = Carbonate (CO3) ppm Nitrate as Nitrogen ppm as NO3-N * 4.43 = Nitrate (NO3) ppm


If the water report does not inlcude the pH you can use 8.0 as pH.
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