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This is the home of all your recipes and your starting place for creating new recipes and choosing one to brew
The recipe section of Brewfather
This section lists all your recipes and provides the options for creating and importing recipes.
There are many ways that you can choose to sort your recipes, and they are accessed by clicking the sort button
The ways the recipes can be sorted include
  • Newest - Date order starting with the latest created recipe.
  • Name - Alphabetically by recipe name.
  • Style - Recipes are grouped by Style, with the name of the style sorted alphabetically.
  • Author - Recipes are grouped by Author and then sorted alphabetically by Author. This is particularly useful in a commercial setting or when trying to find an imported recipe created by someone else.
  • Type - Recipes are grouped by recipe type, e.g., all grain, extract, etc.
  • Equipment - Recipes are grouped by Equipment profile, with the groups sorted alphabetically based on the Equipment profile name.
  • Mash - Recipes are grouped by Mash profile, with the groups sorted alphabetically based on the Mash profile name.
  • Fermentation - Recipes are grouped by Fermentation profile, with the groups sorted alphabetically based on the Fermentation profile name.
  • First Tag & Last Tag - Recipes are grouped by either the first or last tag in the recipe tags section, with the groups sorted alphabetically based on the first or last tag name.
All sort orders can be reversed to either A-Z or Z-A by clicking the sort direction arrow.

Importing a Recipe

The Import button
lets you choose the recipe you want to import in either BeerXML or Brewfather JSON format. Please note this is only available in premium accounts and NOT free accounts.

Adding or Creating a New Recipe

The Add Recipe button
takes you to the recipe designer screen to create a new recipe.
The Menu Button
also provides access to the Add Recipe and Import Recipe functions of Brewfather.

Search through your recipes

Recipe Search
To search for a recipe, type your search term in the box shown above. This can be used to search for anything, including recipe names, authors, profiles or tags.

Open a recipe

To open a recipe, hover over a recipe with your mouse until it highlights, and then click or tap on the recipe on your phone.