Moving from Planning to Brewing

Enter brewing mode, by clicking on the BREWING tab.

Click the button to 'Change Status to Brewing, ' which will prompt you to 'Change Batch Status to Brewing'.

Clicking on 'Yes' updates the batch status and prompts you to update the 'Brew Date'; click yes to proceed with the current date. This is particularly useful if you plan your brews and have to swap batches around. Your brew dates will match the actual brew dates rather than the scheduled date.

The brewing process starts in the 'Mash Tab' and prompts you to prepare the ingredients to start brewing.

There is the option to connect to Brew Controller, details can be found here, which enables you to control your Grainfather. NOTE: this is in Beta at the moment, so it may not work as expected.

The brewsheet section follows this. This gives you all the vital information about your brew, including gravities, color and volumes. It also gives you a breakdown of all your ingredients and process steps. You also have a button to take you to the Batch Recipe if you need to make and last minute changes to your planned recipe, including things like ingredient batch/ lot numbers etc

Under the Measured Values section, you also have a section for recording information about your relevant measurements related to the brewing process. Recording the values here allows you to keep track of your brew day and how your brew has gone. These values are used to calculate things like your mash and brewhouse efficiency, ABV, etc. You can also click the +Add button to add any extra values that you wish to record, such as first runnings, finishing sparge gravities, etc.

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