When your beer is finished and packaged you can click on to the completed tab and mark your beer as complete. This section allows you to see various information about your recipe and add nots to the batch about how it did

The first section is the Taste section, which allows you to rate the taste of the beer and record tasting notes for it. The rating is done on a slider, which you slide to the right until you get to the rating you want to give your beer. it runs between 0 and 5.

Underneath the slider is a section which allow you to record tasting notes and comments on the beer. Definitely worth filling out if you plan to come back and brew the beer at a later date as it allows you to add comments on what you may change in the future.

You then get the Additional Information section where you can see the approximate calorie and carbohydrate content of your beer.

This is finally followed by the same statistic and information sections we have discussed previously in the brewing and fermentation section

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