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The Batches page in Brewfather gives information about your past, present and planned brews.
The Batches screen in Brewfather with Completed, Fermenting and Planned batches

Creating a batch

To create a batch, you start by going into the recipe you want to brew in the Recipe list and then clicking the brew button
at the top of the recipe screen or choosing brew
from the menu button

Sorting Batches

By clicking the sort button
at the top of the screen, you can choose to sort the batches by the following parameters:-
  • Batch Number
  • Last Updated
  • Recipe Name
  • Brew Date
  • Brewer - this is probably of more use in a commercial environment than for home brewers

Searching through your batches

Batch Search function
By clicking in the search bar, you can search by pretty much anything you wish, including things like:-
  • Batch Name
  • Brewer or Author
  • Batch Number
  • Ingredient used in the batch
  • Style
After clicking on a batch, you can click the menu button
which gives a selection of options listed below:-
  • - Deletes the batch
  • - Duplicates the batch
  • - Gives you the ability to export the batch in either PDF, BeerXML or Brewfather JSON
  • - This provides access to a URL that others can use to view your batch information
  • - This gives you the option of adding notes to the batch
  • - Takes you back to the Batches screen after saving any changes made to the batch

Data in the Batches

When clicking on a batch it will take you to the relevant data screen based on the status of the batch eg
These screens will be covered in more depth in each of the relevant sections.