What is MyBrewbot?

The MyBrewbot for Tilt, which has a bluetooth receiver to collect the Tilt data, controls the temperature of the fermenting wort and sends the logging data to Brewfather. This can be a good alternative to using a TiltPi as you can also control your heating and cooling with this unit based on the Tilt readings and/or external temperature sensor. Both the gravity and temperature (and all other data sent) will be logged to Brewfather.

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Using MyBrewbot with Brewfather is very simple. Enable it in your Settings and copy the Logging ID into your MyBrewbot settings.

You will find the IP for you MyBrewbot in the bottom of the settings in the MyBrewbot app, open this IP in your browser when you are in the same network as the device.

Alternative easier setup coming soon:

Your MyBrewbot should then log every 15 minutes.

Click here for video demonstrating how to put in your Brewfather ID in the MyBrewbot app.

After the MyBrewbot has done its first logging to Brewfather, it will appear in the device list located in your Batch > Fermentation > Readings > Devices. Click on the Devices button and attatch your MyBrewbot to the batch. The next time your MyBrewbot logs, it will show up in your batch!


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