Where do i report bugs or feature request?

Bugs or feature requests can be reported in the issue tracker. Here you can also watch and vote for request made by others users.

Where can i get in contact with other Brewfather users?

The Brewfather user group is a great place for this: Brewfather Facebook Group.

How can i contact Brewfather?

Send Brewfather a message here or post in this group. You can also click the Contact button in the menu of the Brewfather APP.

Brewfather is also on Instagram and Twitter.

Can i convert my Facebook / Google login to username and password?

Yes, log out of Brewfather and go to the login screen, write in your email in the email field, and click the "forgot your password?" link. You will then get an email to set your password. After you have set your password you can log in with that email and password combination. If you want to change the email-address tied to you account you can do so in the manage account page found by clicking your portrait/email/name in the menu.

How do i scale a recipe?

Easy! Just change batch size or efficiency in your equipment profile within a recipe, click save and it will ask you if you want to scale the recipe to match the new numbers. Also - if you change to another equipment profile it will scale to match it also!

How do i send my recipe to Grainfather Connect?

Check out this video (turn on subtitles).

Basically you export a BeerXML on your phone and open it directly in the GF Connect app. On your batch click the menu button in the lower right, click export, select BeerXML, the file will show and you should get an option to open the file in your GF Connect app.

Then you just start brewing!

How do i set up my Tilt Hydrometer to work with Brewfather?

See the Tilt Hydrometer page for setup instructions.

pageTilt Hydrometer

How do i set up my iSpindel to work with Brewfather?

See the iSpindel page for setup instructions.


How do i set up my Brewpiless to work with Brewfather?

See the Brewpiless page for setup instructions


Android or iOS app?

Brewfather is available as a progressive web application, and also on App Store and Google Play.

Brewfather is available as an iOS app here. This is the recommended way to use the app on an iPhone or iPad.

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