Custom Stream

Integrate your own logging device with a custom HTTP POST to the URL you are given in the settings.

Use the following JSON format in the body of the POST:

  "name": "YourDeviceName", // Required field, this will be the ID in Brewfather
  "temp": 20.32,
  "aux_temp": 15.61, // Fridge Temp
  "ext_temp": 6.51, // Room Temp
  "temp_unit": "C", // C, F, K
  "gravity": 1.042,
  "gravity_unit": "G", // G, P
  "pressure": 10,
  "pressure_unit": "PSI", // PSI, BAR, KPA
  "ph": 4.12,
  "bpm": 123, // Bubbles Per Minute
  "comment": "Hello World",
  "beer": "Pale Ale"

Temperature units "C" for celcius, "F" for fahrenheit, "K" for kelvin. Gravity units "G" for SG and "P" for Plato. Pressure units "PSI", "BAR", "KPA".

Never log more than once every 15 minutes per device name, request logged more often than that will be ignored. If you are logging more than one device give them each a unique name, maximum rate: one POST per device per 15 minutes.

Field "name" is required. Other fields are optional.

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